Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation

Alive2Thrive Student Testimonial Quotes:

"This program allowed me to learn more about my personal strengths while also connecting with others! I am now able to understand myself better as well as how to properly connect with others, especially if they have differing personality types than mine."  Eden L.


“It taught me about introspection… steering my life in positive directions… how to build relationships and have better friendships… how to meet the needs of other people.“ Connor C.


“This showed me how to interact with others… what drives me. I learned what my weaknesses are, so I can strengthen them.” Madalyn M.


“I learned that I have a lot of room to grow… that I need to demonstrate patience. It gave me a boost of self-confidence.” Stephanie N.


“I learned that if I try to understand someone else before I know myself, I don’t know the best ways to connect with others.” Blaine N.


“I learned that having good character is important because others won’t want to deal with me if I demonstrate bad character.” Leila J.


“I learned how to control myself and take responsibility for my actions.” Randy N.


"It has already helped me so much with my relationships with people... understanding how different people think, and how to better connect with others." Gena Z.


"It has helped me realize what triggers me, and how I react to certain situations.  It has also helped me learn how to more effectively communicate."  Alejah P.


"This program has helped me manage my emotions better, helped me control my thoughts and modify the way I think, and how to communicate with people without victimizing myself or villainizing others."  Hayma W.


"I've learned to focus on my true self and ways in which I can stay motivated, as well as how to interact effectively with others of different personality types." Abigail D.


“I learned how to manage myself, so I’m not all over the place. ” Sienna K.


“I learned that I need to own up to my mistakes, because you don’t see people do this much, and I want to be a good example for others.” Liz M.


“I learned that if I understand what others are going through, I won’t exhibit negative emotions and can be empathetic with them.” Caroline C.


“I learned to understand others so that I can accept them and have a strong connection…
and not to judge others.” Savannah S.


“I have been able to take a step back and see things through others’ eyes, and also to think optimistically.” Ellie C.


“It has helped me understand why I do things…I’m not perfect; I know about myself and about others; I know how to overlook offenses.” Cayley P.


"At first I was only doing this scholarship program because my mom told me to do it. I am so glad that I decided to do it because I have not only grown as a person, but now I also know how to build strong and healthy relationships with others."  Jessica A.


"It has helped me better communicate with others.  Like, when I'm feeling angry, I learned how to switch my point of view and approach things in a more positive way."  Christian T.