Babies start learning from birth.

85% of a child’s brain development occurs from birth to age five.

The cornerstones of a strong foundation for life are health, social and emotional development, and academics.

Children who are given these cornerstones do better in life.

When all children use the same programs, quality of the programs will remain high.

Early Learning from birth to age 5 is the foundation of a person’s character.

Researchers, economists, and educators all agree that quality early learning is needed for All Children from birth to age five.


Making a baby only makes you a mommy or daddy, not a parent.

Many parents both have jobs to make ends meet Number of single parent households has tripled in the last 50 years from 9% to 27%.

Moms and dads want to be great parents, but don’t have the experience, time, and resources needed..

Moms and dads need help/support/ guidance because they have not done this job before.

A great parent is a good teacher and knows the subjects. Teaching is a learned skill.


Current efforts at the state and federal level will take 150 years before early centers and resources are available for all children birth to age 5 and their parents.

Congressman and Senators are government employees who work for us.

The government is spending OUR money wastefully.

Each state is separate but part of the whole. We are the United States.

It will take 3% of the federal budget to provide early learning to All Children.


Discrimination, bullying, gun violence, teen pregnancies, drug abuse, suicide, incarceration, racism, obesity, poor nutrition, poor health habits.

Social problems start at an early age, and they will never stop until we start early learning for All Children from birth to age five.


American Educational Milestones

Pubic Schools Begin - 1639

First taxpayer-supported public school in North America opened in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Land & Northwest Ordinances - 1785 - 1787

Land Ordinance & Northwest Ordinance required a system of public education be established in each township formed under a specified tax formula.

Congressional Endowments - 1841 - 1848

Congress granted over 77 million acres of land in the public domain as endowments for support of schools.

Department of Education est. - 1867

Department (Office) of Education established. Began to collect data on schools and teaching that would help states establish effective school systems.

Title I Federal Aid - 1965

Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Established comprehensive programs including Title I federal aid. Head Start program established and funded by federal dollars.

All Children First becomes Law - 2024 or Sooner With Your Support

Federal Legislation passed providing funding to the States and Territories to create Early Learning Resource Centers in every local community. These centers will be run by the private sector, and measured, monitored and rated by a third party to ensure excellence.

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