Message from Our Founder

A Message from Our Founder

This saying has been around for many years, “times change, and people don’t”. The saying for the most part is true, unless something forces the people to change. I would like to see a change, through a paradigm shift on how we educate our children. For us to be a long-lasting great civilization we must constantly look to improve. Improvement only comes when we acknowledge problems, understand what these problems are, and react accordingly to create a solution.

I believe most parents want the best for their children. We now know that children start learning from birth, with 85% of their brain being developed by the age of 5. These first 5 years of life are critical for the development of health and social emotional skills. These skills are the foundation of every child’s character allowing them to learn to get along with others.

I believe building a strong foundation for all is the best investment we can make in our country. This foundation starts with a formal quality early learning program for all of our children. This I believe is even more important than higher education and should be considered a national priority. Early learning programs will give the foundational skills that people need in order to learn both academically and socially & emotionally.

All of our children are our next great hope. Their character is the foundation of their success and future. Like a building built on a weak foundation always needing repair, a person’s character built on a weak foundation will also always need repair. I ask, why do we have money for the repairs but never for the foundation? Just like we acknowledge teaching academics is important, we need to acknowledge that teaching social and emotional skills is just as important.

If academics is the car then social and emotional learning is the steering wheel.

Would you drive a car without a steering wheel?

So how do we make this happen? What's the plan?

Education for ages 0 to 5

It would cost 3% of the federal budget to fund quality early learning programs for all children in the United States. I am asking the federal government to invest in all our children by cutting the waste and programs that are not beneficial to us Americans. These quality early learning programs will be operated by the private sector, measured, monitored and rated by a third-party to ensure excellence.

Social and Emotional Learning K through 12

Have social and emotional learning as a mandated core subject in all schools from K through 12. It’s important to keep the social emotional learning skills going just like reading, writing, and arithmetic. In today’s world, businesses across the country have identified character skills that they are looking for in all employees. These character skills are social emotional skills.

What would be the result of these actions?

People who have good social and emotional skills will do better in life socially, academically, and will have better health habits. These people will have the character skills businesses are looking for which will make them more employable and productive. In total, people will require less services from the government and therefore, the government will become smaller.

We have a choice to be reactive or proactive. I choose proactive. I hope you do too.


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This website is a free resource of material to help improve your social and emotional intelligence.  The material on this website ranges from individual “sayings” to a full curriculum program called Alive2Thrive.  To help you become your best self, please review all this site has to offer.  It is important you pass this site along to others so they can be the best they can be and by doing so we will build the best society.