Our Purpose

Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation (SELF)

– founded by Joe Santoro

SELF is dedicated to helping everyone learn important lessons about health and self-character as early in life as possible. We believe through early childhood social and emotional learning (SEL.) we can implement proper foundational life-skills for all individuals. This implementation will ultimately reshape humanity and upgrade our society

Being advocates for SEL our programs are built around the idea that all people should have access to SEL. We believe SEL should be a part of the core curriculum included in preschool and early learning centers. In addition to preschool and early learning centers SEL should also be mandated in K-12 as a core subject just like math and English.   

We plan to accomplish the above by advocating, collaborating, and promoting.

ADVOCATING We will advocate for quality early learning programs from birth to five years old and make SEL a mandatory course subject for K-12.

COLLABORATING We will work with educators, mentors, and businesses to make sure the above happens.

PROMOTING We will promote educational tools through our programs including resourceful videos and text.

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