Our Purpose

The purpose of the Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation (SELF) – founded by Joe Santoro – is dedicated to helping kids learn important lessons about character as early in their lives as possible.  Our program is built around the idea that certain life lessons, such as resilience and respect, can be taught alongside academic subjects like math and reading.

At SELF, our singular mission is to help children become their best selves by providing educators with proven, straightforward and free resources that help teach valuable life lessons.

Philosophically, the Santoro Lifeskills Foundation would like to see the traditional public K-thru-12 school system be extended to include preschool early learning centers, servicing children from three months to five years of age.

We propose these early learning centers replace daycare centers and operated by private sector specialists.

And, their programs should be measured and monitored by a third party to ensure we get the desired results for our children.

Of course, this doesn’t cut the parents, faith-based organizations and other community resources out of this very complicated equation.

These early learning centers will also help parents to become the best that they can be.