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Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation

There is one goal for our HAND-UP tuition assistance scholarship program:  To help parents in Sumter, Lake and Marion Counties in Florida to provide quality early learning for their children from birth to 3- to 4 years of age, until they qualify for federally-funded VPK.  To do this, we partner with quality early learning centers in these three counties, and provide a HAND-UP to those hard-working families who are not currently receiving government pre-K assistance, and who are struggling to pay for preschool tuition for their children.  We offer $160 per month per child enrolled in our program to their quality early learning centers in order to help offset the cost of pre-school care for each qualifying child from birth to 3 or 4 years of age (until VPK qualification).  Families can qualify for our assistance based on an application, financial criteria and an interview.

The purpose of this program is to help ALL children become their best selves by promoting personal life skills education and good health habits during their early, most formative years of childhood.  We at the Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation strongly believe, and scientists and economists concur, that investing early in ALL of our children will result in a strong foundation upon which they can build.

“A building built on a weak foundation will always need repair.  This is also true of a person’s character.  Let’s invest in every child’s foundation so we don’t have to spend time and money on repairs later. “ – Joe Santoro

If you are working but struggling to pay for quality early learning for your preschoolers who are already in a quality early learning center, and if you are not currently receiving government assistance for this, please contact us and let us know the name of the center your child is in.  We’ll contact the center directly about participating in our program.

You can download our Hand-Up Assistance application by clicking here.

If you work for a quality early learning center in Sumter, Lake or Marion County, Florida and would like additional information about how your center can offer our HAND-UP Tuition Assistance Program to your enrollees, please click here to go to the DOCUMENTS page of this site for informational flyers that outline how our program works, as well as the documentation we require from applicants.  Or, simply reach out to us on our “contact us” page and let us know of your interest; please include your center’s name, address and telephone number, and the name of the person to contact there.   We’ll be happy to send you further information about our program and the participation requirements.

High School Alive2Thrive Scholarship

There is one goal of our high school scholarship program:  To empower students with the skills they need to guide their own life decisions and fulfill their potential, and win the biggest game – LIFE!  Employers have stated, and scientific research proves, that young adults with good personal life skills and emotional intelligence are highly desirable to employ and are the most successful adults in the workforce.   Because of this, we want to help them learn these skills, and we’ll pay those who learn it, too! 

We ask that our scholarship applicants equally invest their time, commitment, and attention to the process.  Our virtual Alive2Thrive program consists of 36 lessons, and students go through the program via Zoom with a group of 8-12 other students facilitated by one of our paid coaches.  Upon completion, a short interview will be required to prove an understanding of the program concepts and how to apply them to their life.  After this, we will award a $1500 scholarship payable to any school for post-high school education they choose, whether state college, university or trade/vocational schooling.   WHY? Because we want to help them win the biggest game of all – LIFE!

Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation

We believe strongly that personal life skills should be taught from infancy through high school and mandated in the school systems, and that if they were, students would do better in school and ultimately grow into more well-adjusted adults who have functional relationships, make wise life choices and get good jobs.  Adults who lack good personal life skills often experience a multitude of difficulties that plague our society today, including mental health issues, money troubles, dysfunctional relationships, and poor school/job performance, to name just a few.

If you are an adult working with students at the middle or high school level and would like to know how you can implement this FREE curriculum at your learning institution, contact us and let us work out a plan together for how you can get this valuable material in front of your students!

If you are a high school student and would like to acquire skills that will help you to win the biggest game - LIFE, learn important interpersonal skills that employers look for, and also earn funds to be used toward the continued education of your choice after high school, we invite you to participate in our next virtual Alive2Thrive class. Please click here to go to our documents page, where there is an informational flyer and the application for the scholarship program which contains instructions for returning your application. After we receive your application, we will send you information about the next available classes you can choose from.

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This website is a free resource of material to help improve your social and emotional intelligence.  The material on this website ranges from individual “sayings” to a full curriculum program called Alive2Thrive.  To help you become your best self, please review all this site has to offer.  It is important you pass this site along to others so they can be the best they can be and by doing so we will build the best society.