Alive2Thrive Program Results & Foundation Update

After conducting our Alive2Thrive scholarship program for two years, we awarded $206,500 in scholarships to students in Central Florida, as well as four other states around the U.S. These students all learned important personal life skills, which help them to understand themselves and others better. They all are now well-prepared to be successful in their relationships and their jobs, regardless of what type of career or life they choose.

As shown on one of our blog pages, a poll we conducted with the Florida Chamber of Commerce proves yet again that businesses want employees who already have important personal life skills. They know that when employees have these skills already, they are prepared to be their most successful in all jobs and industries. 

We know that there are thousands more students in just our community alone who still need to learn these vitally important personal life skills, much less all the thousands more in Florida alone. Because of this, we have shifted our focus away from our local scholarship program and onto a larger plan to help a greater number of students. 

We are pleased to announce that we are working hard to facilitate and, along with other future business partners, help to fund a program that will implement important personal life skills curriculum in our schools. Because of this, ALL students in our community and all around the State of Florida will then learn the important personal life skills they all need to thrive.  

Through this initiative, we look forward to having an even greater impact in this important area.  We strongly believe that important personal life skills should be included as an ongoing subject in all our schools from grades K-12 so that all students can learn these vital skills, and so they can become their best selves and win the biggest game — LIFE!

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