About Joe Santoro, Founder

Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation

Joe Santoro is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a man devoted to his family and fellow Americans. With a sincere passion for helping people become their best selves, Joe has created the Santoro Education Lifeskills Foundation (SELF).

Through the span of his career and while growing his businesses, Joe interacted and dealt with all different types of people across various cultures. These people included hourly workers, union workers, managers, CEOs, government officials, litigators, and board members.

From those daily interactions, Joe learned many valuable life skills and quickly realized that the sooner these skills are learned in life, the better a person will be. He found these skills had a name: Emotional Intelligence, or as he prefers to call them, important personal life skills. He collaborated with universities and other organizations that deal with important personal life skills to produce 90 tips for how to cope with life in these difficult times – these tips are also included on this website.

Today, Joe continues to use his skillsets and business accomplishments within this foundation to promote the importance of personal life skills education for ALL.


Alive2Thrive Program

Joe funded the creation of the Alive2Thrive curriculum, which gives students, parents, teachers and mentors a comprehensive online personal life skills program which is free and available to anyone. He strongly believes that personal life skills training should be mandated and taught as a stand-alone subject in all schools from K-12.

How to Use This Site

This website is a free common-sense approach to help ALL people become their best selves and win the biggest game: LIFE.

We advocate for and provide a simple means of avoiding or treating some life issues that stem from the lack of good personal life skills, and the journey starts with the first step.

Please click on each of the tabs at the top of the pages for a peek at all of the free resources this site offers, which range from a full curriculum program called Alive2Thrive to individual short “sayings”.

This site is not intended as a replacement for professional medical care for physical or mental health problems, which should be addressed by a licensed professional.