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We all know that parents want their children to grow up to become productive members of society, get steady, good-paying jobs, and have healthy relationships.  It has been proven that our brains develop the most during early childhood.  It has also been proven that people with good essential personal life skills are more successful in school, in their family and other relationships, and in their jobs.  Many people believe that things like essential personal life skills should be taught at home.  However, one thing we learned during the recent pandemic is that many parents, no matter how loving and caring, simply are not skilled or equipped to be teachers.

At some point in our history, it was decided that it was important for all students in our nation to attend school to learn academics and other subjects. 

Now is the time for us to include essential personal life skills as a subject in all our schools too – it’s that important!

Since essential personal life skills are as important as academics, it should be the role of the schools to teach these skills as a subject just like academics are taught.

So, we must ask these questions:

  1. Since parents want their children to get and keep good jobs, and since employers want employees who have these skills, why are ESSENTIAL PERSONAL LIFE SKILLS not taught in schools as a stand-alone subject, as academic subjects are taught?
  2. Is it not in everyone’s best interest for our schools to include ESSENTIAL PERSONAL LIFE SKILLS as a subject?

Please go back to our home page and take a look at the chart for some samples of common problems that can be avoided if people had essential personal life skills.

How to use

This website is a free resource of material to help improve important personal life skills.  The materials on this website range from individual “sayings” to a full personal life skills curriculum program called Alive2Thrive.  To help you become your best self, please review all this site has to offer.  It is important you pass this site along to others so they can be the best they can be, and by doing so, we will build a better society.