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ESSENTIAL PERSONAL LIFE SKILLS are a vital part of our human development and education. They consist of skills and behaviors that help everyone know and understand themselves and others, manage their emotions, and achieve healthy life goals. They also include learning how to establish and maintain healthy, supportive relationships, as well as making responsible decisions.

Of course, all parents want their children to be healthy, do well in school and get a good education, and ultimately, get good jobs and become productive members of society. Not coincidentally, employers also want to hire people who have key traits which are learned through essential personal life skills curricula.

Since parents want their kids to get good jobs, and since employers look for the traits that are learned as part of essential personal life skills education, why are they not being taught to children during preschool education, and as part of the routine curriculum in our schools from kindergarten through 12th grade?

If we think of academics as being like a car that drives you, then essential personal life skills are like the steering wheel that guides you.

You can’t drive a car without a steering wheel, right?!

How to Use This Site

This website is a free common-sense approach to help ALL people become their best selves and win the biggest game: LIFE.

We advocate for and provide a simple means of avoiding or treating some life issues that stem from the lack of essential personal life skills, and the journey starts with the first step.

Please click on each of the tabs at the top of the pages for a peek at all of the free resources this site offers, which range from a full curriculum program called Alive2Thrive to individual short “sayings.”

This site is not intended as a replacement for professional medical care for physical or mental health problems, which should be addressed by a licensed professional.