What's more important than all our children?

We are the government's "customer" - and it's OUR money they spend!

As a main goal, we advocate for everyone to learn to become their best selves, so they can win the biggest game - LIFE!

How do you know if you're winning at life?  Here's how:

  • You know who you are, and are comfortable in your own skin
  • You live a healthy lifestyle
  • You live within your means - you don't spend more money than you have
  • You do things that you like to do
  • You have family and friends who care about you and truly want to spend time with you

If you have or do all of these, you are truly winning at life!

Imagine if our nation and our families:

- Grasped self-understanding and self-acceptance
- Improved their emotional and time management skills
- Acquired the ability to empathize with others
- Learned how to effectively communicate with others

Imagine a nation where the potential for increased happiness, enhanced workforce productivity, reduced societal issues and a decrease in the need for corrective programs was the norm and not the exception.

Reducing government waste and redirecting spending to invest in all our children in the following two crucial areas of advocacy could help to achieve the next great American achievement!

1) Advocating for Quality Early Learning for Every American's Children


We advocate for high-quality early education for all American children from birth to age 5, funded by our tax dollars as a part of the Federal budget, but overseen by individual states.  Quality early learning centers should be managed by the private sector and should be evaluated by external parties to ensure top-notch standards. They will equip preschoolers with the essential behavioral and cognitive skills needed for both school and life.

Since the years from birth to age 5 are the most critical foundational years in a child's life and education, wouldn't it be logical to ensure that every child in our country has access to the same consistent quality care and education from infancy to kindergarten, with these centers also aiding parents by instilling foundational personal and social skills which are essential for future success?

It would cost an estimated 3% of the federal budget to provide this for every family in the U.S.

2) Advocating for Essential Personal Life Skills Curriculum in Every School From K-12th Grades

A group of students sitting at their desks raising their hands.

Long ago, a decision was made that every student in our country must go to school to study academic subjects. However, this is just one of the crucial elements of education.

In order to ensure that our students are fully equipped to thrive in today's digital age, it is now vital for all schools to incorporate "essential personal life skills" as a routine subject from kindergarten to 12th grade. This represents the critical second pillar of education.

Just like learning the alphabet is the foundation of reading and writing, learning essential personal life skills is the foundation for success in every area of life.  The more you practice them, the better you become at each of these skills.

So what are essential personal life skills (EPLS)?
They are personal and interpersonal skills that fall into four main categories:

· Knowing me

· Managing me

· Understanding others

· Relating to others

Not only does learning these skills benefit students with improved academic performance and behavior, but it also aligns with what businesses are seeking in potential employees.

If traditional academic subjects are like a car that moves you forward in life, then essential personal life skills are like the steering wheel that directs your path.

Every parent desires their children to secure good jobs, and businesses seek individuals with these abilities, so we have to ask:  Why isn't this included as a mandated subject in all schools?

The sooner each child feels comfortable in their skin, learns self-management and emotional control, and understands and can relate to others, the more successful they will be both in school, in their relationships, and later in employment life.

Since parents want their children to get good jobs,
and since employers want people who have these skills,
should we not be teaching them in our schools???

For more information about these two advocacy topics,
please check out our full advocacy plan by clicking HERE.

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