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Surveys from businesses* regarding the top skills they look for in their new hires and expect to see from their current employees include some or all of the 12 social and emotional skills listed here:


Willingness to listen and learn



Problem-solving ability





Work ethic



People may have great academic skills and knowledge, but they can also be terrible employees because they lack emotional intelligence! Surprisingly, many employers rank these “soft” skills higher than the “hard” skills learned through formal post-secondary education. Academic skills are important, but, in many cases, are not as highly sought after by employers as good social and emotional skills are. These social and emotional skills are teachable. The earlier and more often they are taught, the better the students’ lives will become. These skills fall into the following four categories: knowing me; managing me; understanding others; and relating to others.

Society has decided that formal education is important in order that everyone learns academic subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic; but what makes social and emotional skills any less important?

Since social and emotional learning (SEL) is as important as academics and is teachable, it should be the role of the schools to teach SEL skills as a core subject just as academic subjects are taught.

All parents want their children to do well in school, get good jobs and have healthy, happy relationships. Sadly, too many people don’t learn the skills while at school or from their parents that make success in these areas possible.

Employers want their employees to have these skills, and parents want their children to get good jobs and learn these skills -- so why is SEL not taught at school? Is it not in everyone’s best interest to teach SEL as a core subject?

If you agree, please click below to acknowledge your agreement, and provide your email address. We would love to be able to prove to legislators that this is vitally important to parents, to their children and to their future employers.

Please also go back to our home page and take a look at the chart for some samples of common problems that can be avoided if people had good social and emotional skills.

If you are a business owner or manager, please click HERE for a business declaration that we’d love for you to review and sign, and then email to us. Your acknowledgement and feedback will help us bring greater attention to this urgent need to mandate teaching SEL skills as part of our children’s core curriculum. This will ultimately help you to have the workforce you want and deserve.