The Teaching Process Begins With You

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Teachers and mentors, we invite you to use the ALIVE2THRIVE video lessons to start important discussions with your student/s. While it can be difficult to bring up some of the topics covered by this curriculum, the video lessons are an easy and effective way for you to begin a long-term conversation about sensitive subjects. We ask the same thing from you as we ask of the parents using this curriculum – that you equally invest your time, commitment and attention to the process.

The teaching process begins with you. It is crucial that you watch the video and review the handout before talking with your student. When reviewing the materials think back to how the lesson might have been relevant to you when you were your student’s age and even how it is relevant to you now. Being able to share stories of the lesson’s significance will help you get your student to share themselves.

In addition, your sharing shows your own investment in the learning process.

After you have reviewed a lesson’s materials, you are prepared to show the video and share the handout. Start out by staying within the guidelines of the handout, public and private questions. However, feel free to let your conversation with your student go beyond the questions in the handout. You know them better than we do. Encourage your student to maintain a conversation diary of all of their private question answers. Let them be the ones to decide whether they want to share those answers.

Overall, the curriculum is designed in four modules and is meant to be used in order from start to finish. Know that this learning process takes time and requires being open and honest with your students, and allowing the same of them.  If you have any questions about using the program, please visit the Contact page and send us an email or give us a call.